Veloset VS-204 Wireless Bicycle Computer Speedometer

Product Description The Veloset VS 204 is the best selling cycle computer model and is an ideal wireless cycle computer that will fit all bikes. A highly recommended computer 9/10 by Cycling Active magazine (Sept 2011- see images), The bicycle computer has an am...


Veloset Wireless Cycle Computer Speedo with Backlight VS 212

Veloset VS 212 Wireless Cycle Computer Product Description The Veloset VS 212 is a top selling wireless cycle computer complete with all the required functions at an entry level price, the product is unique to the range in having a con...


Veloset 213 Wireless Cycle Computer Speedo

Product Description The Veloset VS 213 is the latest wireless cycle computer model launched in September 2010. The bicycle computer has a comprehensive range of functions all at an entry level price. The computer is fitted within minutes, fits all wheel...


Veloset 2131 Wired Cycle Computer Speedo

Product Description The Veloset VS 2131 is the latest wired cycle computer model and is an ideal cycle computer that will fit all bikes. The bicycle computer has the same receiver unit as the VS 213 and comes with the same comprehensive range of functions. The c...


Veloset VS-212A 12 Function Wireless Bike Computer Heart Monitor Belt

  Veloset VS-212A 12 Function Wireless Bike Computer with Heart Monitor Belt Product Description The Veloset VS-212A is a top selling wireless bicycle computer complete with a wireless chest belt to measure your heart rate and pulse, ...


Veloset GPS Cycle Computer Multi Sport Tracker 3D Route GPS Data and Mapping Software

Veloset portable handheld Multi Sports and gps Cycle Computer GPS 600 b with veloset pro athlete gps mapping software. Sept 2013 New GPS 600B (Button Control) - New Pro Athlete Veloset GPS Software The Veloset GPS 600 is a GPS tracking and performance monitoring computer for sports enthus...


Veloset 204 / 212 / 212A / 213 Wireless Cycle Computer 2nd Bike Kit

The Veloset Wireless 2nd Bike Kit contains everything you need to run a second bike without the need for a separate computer. Includes Wireless Sensor - To attach to your forks including battery Magnet - to attach to the spokes Fastening straps - to secure the sensor Protective rubber in...


VS-2131 cycle computer rear wheel 2 metre cycling trainer extension kit

The Veloset wired cycle computer model VS-2131 can now be used with a cycling trainer (rear wheel fixing) using the new 2 metre wired extension. Simply install the 2 metre wired cable from the rear wheel with magnet sensors and attach the trainer computer bracket to the stem or bars with the fitti...


Veloset 2131T Cycling Trainer Computer Wired with 2 + 1 metre cables

  Veloset Product Details Product Description The Veloset 2131T Wired Cycling Trainer Computer is supplied with both a 1 and 2 metre cable for front and rear wheel fitting. It is the latest wired cycle computer model from Veloset and is an...


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Veloset Cycle Computers are perfect for training for that big race, monitoring your performance, clocking up the miles/kilometres to help improve your health and fitness levels, or if you just want to track your progress on the daily commute, you can discover your potential by using the latest technology in a cycle computer. Veloset Cycle Computers, Manchester England, supply GPS, Wireless and Wired bicycle computers and cycle accessories that are suitable for all size wheels and bikes. All items are inclusive of VAT and we offer FREE postage in the UK, a standard international delivery charge is applied to international sales. Order securely online today, Credit and Debit cards accepted using Paypal & Google secure checkout. Trade Wholesale available on request.